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Introduction to High-Performance Computing
Introduction to High-Performance Computing
20-31 August 2012 KTH main campus

Step 1: Abstract submission

  1. First decide what summer school project you want to work on, and with whom. You should be no more than two people in the group.
  2. Run your summer school project idea by the tutors that are available during the labs labeled "Project Work".
  3. Write up a short (one or two paragraph) abstract of your project. 
  4. Decide if there is a tutor you would especially like to have overseeing and reviewing your project. 
  5. After you have discussed your project with a tutor and they say it's ok to submit your abstract, send you abstract to summer-info at

Step 2: Project draft submission

  1. Directly after the summer school - start working on your project! 
  2. You will get an e-mail confirming who your group's project tutor will be.
  3. If you have any issues or questions - always contact your tutor at summer-info at (don't use private e-mails)
  4. When you have completed your work e-mail your report to summer-info at

Step 3: Final project submission

  1. Once your paper has been accepted by the tutor (and the course examiner), the course examiner will put your grades in LADOK. If your school does not use LADOK, but you want a grade, please request from the course examiner that he write a letter stating your grade.

Project Deadlines

Step 1: Abstract submission 

Original abstract submission by August 31, 2011, that is, before the end of the two-week course
Step 2: Project draft submission

Submit your first draft by September 28.
Submit the second iteration, if required, by October 26
Step 3: Final project submission

Submit any additional iterations, if required, by November 9. Note: Response time on reports submitted after December 10  is not guaranteed to be prompt. The absolute deadline is January 1, 2013. After January 1, 2013 evaluation turnaround time may be very long. 

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