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Effective Theories of Quantum Phases of Matter
6-31 May 2019 Nordita, Stockholm



  • Daniel Areán
    "Holographic phonons and bad metals"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Riccardo Argurio
    "Goldstones, or not, in QFT and Holography"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Johan Bijnens
    "The chiral Lagrangian at order p8"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Tomáš Bzdušek
    "Beyond the Tenfold Way: Non-Abelian Topology in Noninteracting Metals"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Maxim Chernodub
    "Transport phenomena due to conformal anomaly"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Christian Copetti
    "Hall viscosity of 3D Lifschitz fermions"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Luca Delacrétaz
    "Theory of diffusive fluctuations"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Angelo Esposito
    "An non-relativistic effective theory for gapped Goldstones"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Michael Geracie
    "Galilean geometry in EFT"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Omri Golan
    "Boundary central charge from bulk Hall viscosity - chiral superfluids"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Igor Herbut
    "Fixed point collisions and tensorial order parameters in Luttinger semimetals and some popular field theories"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Yoshimasa Hidaka
    "Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Nambu-Goldstone modes in open classical and quantum systems"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Ivan Kharuk
    "Goldstone theorem for spontaneously broken spacetime symmetries"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Semyon Klevtsov
    "Geometry and Physics of Quantum Hall States"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Ian Low
    "A modern perspective on Nambu-Goldstone bosons"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Joseph Maciejko
    "Disordered and deconfined: exotic quantum criticality with Dirac fermions"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Michael Mulligan
    "Duality and the half-filled Landau level"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Dung Nguyen
    "Particle-hole symmetry and composite fermions theories of Jain sequence"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Riccardo Penco
    "Holographic Solids at Zero Temperatures"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Oriol Pujolàs
    "Elasticity and viscosity of conformal solids"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Leo Radzihovsky
    "Fracton-elasticity duality"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Ira Rothstein
    "Symmetry Obstruction to Fermi Liquid Behavior at Unitarity"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Michael Scherer
    "Dirac fermions and critical phenomena: exponents, emergent symmetries and dualities"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Igor Shovkovy
    "Downfall of chiral magnetic wave"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Jun Ho Son
    "U(1) Duality Web from 3D Euclidean Lattice"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Uwe-Jens Wiese
    "Merons and theta-vacuum effects in the 2-d O(3) model"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Naoki Yamamoto
    "Effective field theory for QCD matter in a magnetic field and rotation"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Wilhelm Zwerger
    "Bose gases near zero scattering length"

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