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Cosmology and Gravitational Physics with Lambda
Cosmology and Gravitational Physics with Lambda
from 30 July 2018 to 17 August 2018 Nordita, Stockholm



  • Paul Anderson
    "Vacuum energy and instability of de Sitter I"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Clare Burrage
    "The Accelerating Universe and Light Scalar Fields"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Mirjam Cvetic
    "Non-Extremal Black Holes and Holography"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Anne Davis
    "Introduction to Dark Energy and Modified Gravity"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Valeri Frolov
    "Black Holes, Hidden Symmetries, and Complete Integrability"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Jerome Gauntlett
    "Thermodynamic Transport and Black Hole Horizons"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Stephen Green
    "Instability of anti-de Sitter spacetime"
    Slides (PDF)

  • David Kubizňák
    "Separability of Field Equations in Kerr-NUT-AdS Spacetimes"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Emil Mottola
    "Vacuum energy and instability of de Sitter II"
    Slides (PowerPoint)

  • Achilleas Porfyriadis
    "Solving the connection problem for AdS2"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Subir Sarkar
    "Is there observational evidence for dark energy?"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Agnis Schmidt-May
    "Interactions for multiple spin 2 fields"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Adam Solomon
    "Superfluids and the CC problem"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Marika Taylor
    "Holography for general asymptotics"

  • Mike Turner
    "Cosmological Observations: 6 Points of Light"
    Slides (Powerpoint)

  • Sahin Vaidya
    "Quantum Entropy and Entanglement in non-commutative spaces"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Helvi Witek
    "BH dynamics in GR and beyond"
    Slides (PDF)

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