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Pencil Code User Meeting 2012 (Helsinki)
18-21 June 2012 Helsinki, Finland
User contributions


09:30                                     Registration

10:00  Axel Brandenburg:    Recent code developments

11:00  Petri Käpylä:        PRACE preparatory access project in CURIE with CSC

12:00-13:30       Lunch

13:30  Matthias Rheinhardt: Non-equidistant Grids by Direct Difference Formulae

14:15  Simon Candelaresi:   Streamlines in the PencilCode

15:00-15:30       Coffee

15:30  Matthias Rheinhardt: Coding Efficiency Improvement of Diagnostics
                            Switch to FORTRAN2003 (discussion)

[Open slot]

19:00       Sauna + BBQ (if the weather allows!)


10:00  Chi-kwan Chan:       Rolling Cache Method for High-Order Finite Difference on GPU         

10:40  Miikka Väisälä       Messing with CUDA - A Trilogy
11:20  Chunlin Tian:        High Performance Computation with Programble General Purpose GPU

12:00               Lunch

13:30  Nils Haugen:         Effect of Thermophoresis on Particle Impaction on a Cylinder in a Cross Flow

14:15  Simon Candelaresi:   Comparison IDL-Vapor-Paraview

14:45  Miikka Väisälä:    Use of Python

15:15-15:45        Coffee

16:00  Anders Johansen (via Skype): Particles in Pencil Code

17:00  Philippe Bourdin (via Skype): The Pencil Code IDL-GUI

19:00       Pub excursion


10:00  Illa Losada: Use of Python

11:00  Michiel Lambrechts:  Pebble Accretion - Recent Work

12:00-13:30        Lunch

13:30  Oliver Gressel:      New initial conditions for MRI (discussion)
14:15  Wolfgang Dobler:    ``Object-oriented fluid dynamics'' -- a Numpy toolbox for testing solvers for PDEs

15:00-15:30     Coffee

15:30  Boris Dintrans:      The Boussinesq Solver 
16:30  Natalia Babkovskaia: A study of aerosol production at the cloud edge

19:00             Conference dinner at Pikkusavotta


To be decided during the week.

General code discussion issues

Architecture/coding conventions

- avoiding a complete rebuild from the source code every time model size or processor grid is changed
- simplification of restart (without copy of snapshots - read from different location)
- automatic remeshing (both grid-size/processor number changes)
- automatic detection of changed physics
- merge of start and run
- notification scheme at irregular stop/signal catching
- relaxed modularity requirements by PROTECTED attribute (FORTRAN 2003)
- diagnostics
  * too many lines in the physics modules devoted to diagnostics! -> in specific 
  * set diagnostics output in wall-clock times
  * change the frequency of xyaverages through a new d1davg
    and allow the time units to be changed to wall-clock hours

- a common data file (like cdata.f90) to be shared between density,
  eos and entropy.(say cthermo.f90 (common thermodynamics))
  may solve some problems with modularity of the code.

- cleaning up *.h files and check for breaks in modularity (automation?)

- branching of the code, how to keep both up-to-date?

- use of C preprocessor


- routines to transform data into a format recognised by 
  VAPOR/Paraview/etc. + documentation

New Physics/Skills

- testfield for spherical geometry
- anelastic solver
- still questions regarding the particle module, especially about
  collisions. More documentation needed.
- non-grey radiation transport

- Athena's Double Mach Reflection
- routine to convert vector fields between geometries,


- need for a table to identify who entered whom as project member
  * or does this already exist under google wiki?

- whould participation in mailing lists be mandatory?
  * who is *not* on the list
  * check who should be in the list, and send an email obliging them
    to be on the list.
  * remove spurious spammers that seem to have made to the list

- list in the webpage all papers that were published using Pencil.
  * php script

- quarterly Pencil Code progress meeting (Skype)
  * try monthly, schedule in advance, say, last Tuesday of the month,
    and let people organize themselves around it.
  * have a doodle, lime survey, or whatever online voting stuff
    in the pencil code page for voting

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