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Conference on Applications of Network Theory
Conference on Applications of Network Theory
7-9 April 2011
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Id Date Type Title downPresenter Session Track
251 2011-Apr-08 16:10   Co-evolution of network structure and content Prof. ADAMIC, Lada    
257 2011-Apr-07 14:50   Flavor network and the principles of food pairing Dr. AHN, Yong-Yeol    
273 2011-Apr-08 17:30   Controllability of Complex Networks Prof. BARABáSI, Albert-László    
269 2011-Apr-08 13:30   Plant-Animal Mutualistic networks: the Architecture of Biodiversity Prof. BASCOMPTE, Jordi    
270 2011-Apr-07 14:10   Structural correlations in bacterial metabolic networks Dr. BERNHARDSSON, Sebastian    
282 2011-Apr-07 10:20   Geography, Community and Privacy in Complex Networks Prof. BLONDEL, Vincent    
268 2011-Apr-08 14:10   Archetypical micro-configurations of social-ecological systems: a bottom-up network approach in studying complex social-ecological systems Dr. BODIN, Örjan    
260 2011-Apr-07 16:50   Network Formation among Future Business Elites Dr. BUHR, Helena    
263 2011-Apr-08 09:00   The Trouble with Community Detection Prof. CLAUSET, Aaron    
275 2011-Apr-09 09:40   Solution of the explosive percolation quest Prof. DOROGOVTSEV, Sergey    
258     TBA Dr. FREIESLEBEN DE BLASIO, Birgitte    
261     Comparison and identification of individual heterogeneity versus preferential attachment in evolving networks Dr. FREIESLEBEN DE BLASIO, Birgitte    
267 2011-Apr-08 14:40   Identifying diseases of unknown origin using network theory Dr. FUNK, Sebastian    
255     Blocs, multiplexity, and global economic crises Dr. GOH, Kwang-Il    
262 2011-Apr-07 15:20   Blocs, multiplexity, and global economic crises Dr. GOH, Kwang-Il    
274 2011-Apr-09 09:00   Fairness and coordination in self-organized collaboration networks Dr. GROSS, Thilo    
250     Welcome Dr. HOLME, Petter
Prof. MINNHAGEN, Petter
272 2011-Apr-08 16:50   Simulation of opinion formation driven communities in coevolving social networks Prof. KASKI, Kimmo    
271 2011-Apr-09 11:40   Kuramoto model on interdependent networks Prof. KIM, Beom Jun    
253 2011-Apr-07 11:40   The Personality of Popular Facebook Users Dr. LAMBIOTTE, Renaud    
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