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Conference on Applications of Network Theory
Conference on Applications of Network Theory
7-9 April 2011
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270 2011-Apr-07 14:10   Structural correlations in bacterial metabolic networks Dr. BERNHARDSSON, Sebastian    
271 2011-Apr-09 11:40   Kuramoto model on interdependent networks Prof. KIM, Beom Jun    
272 2011-Apr-08 16:50   Simulation of opinion formation driven communities in coevolving social networks Prof. KASKI, Kimmo    
273 2011-Apr-08 17:30   Controllability of Complex Networks Prof. BARABáSI, Albert-László    
274 2011-Apr-09 09:00   Fairness and coordination in self-organized collaboration networks Dr. GROSS, Thilo    
275 2011-Apr-09 09:40   Solution of the explosive percolation quest Prof. DOROGOVTSEV, Sergey    
276 2011-Apr-09 10:40   Networks of motifs from sequences of symbols SINATRA, Roberta    
277 2011-Apr-09 11:10   Controlling centrality in weighted complex networks Dr. NICOSIA, Vincenzo    
278 2011-Apr-07 16:10   Joint Coordinative Structures: Nested Processes of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Coordination Dr. RAMENZONI, Verónica    
279 2011-Apr-09 13:40   Information Sharing for Mobile Phone Users in Sensing Field Dr. NGAI, Edith    
280 2011-Apr-09 14:10   Random Feynman graphs Dr. SöDERBERG, Bo    
281 2011-Apr-09 14:50   Plain, biased and interacting random walkers on complex nets Prof. LATORA, Vito    
282 2011-Apr-07 10:20   Geography, Community and Privacy in Complex Networks Prof. BLONDEL, Vincent    
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