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Conference on Applications of Network Theory
Conference on Applications of Network Theory
7-9 April 2011
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269 2011-Apr-08 13:30   Plant-Animal Mutualistic networks: the Architecture of Biodiversity Prof. BASCOMPTE, Jordi    
268 2011-Apr-08 14:10   Archetypical micro-configurations of social-ecological systems: a bottom-up network approach in studying complex social-ecological systems Dr. BODIN, Örjan    
267 2011-Apr-08 14:40   Identifying diseases of unknown origin using network theory Dr. FUNK, Sebastian    
266 2011-Apr-08 10:40   Community structure in densely connected networks Dr. LEHMANN, Sune    
265 2011-Apr-08 11:20   From document delivery to document discovery: automated mapping of the network ecology of science at the article level Dr. WEST, Jevin    
264 2011-Apr-08 09:40   Hierarchical organization of large integrated systems Dr. ROSVALL, Martin    
263 2011-Apr-08 09:00   The Trouble with Community Detection Prof. CLAUSET, Aaron    
262 2011-Apr-07 15:20   Blocs, multiplexity, and global economic crises Dr. GOH, Kwang-Il    
261     Comparison and identification of individual heterogeneity versus preferential attachment in evolving networks Dr. FREIESLEBEN DE BLASIO, Birgitte    
260 2011-Apr-07 16:50   Network Formation among Future Business Elites Dr. BUHR, Helena    
259 2011-Apr-07 17:30   Human sexual networks Prof. LILJEROS, Fredrik    
258     TBA Dr. FREIESLEBEN DE BLASIO, Birgitte    
257 2011-Apr-07 14:50   Flavor network and the principles of food pairing Dr. AHN, Yong-Yeol    
256 2011-Apr-08 15:10   Linear and Optimization Hamiltonians in Random Graph Modeling Dr. PARK, Juyong    
255     Blocs, multiplexity, and global economic crises Dr. GOH, Kwang-Il    
254 2011-Apr-07 13:40   FunCoup: global protein networks by Bayesian integration Prof. SONNHAMMER, Erik    
253 2011-Apr-07 11:40   The Personality of Popular Facebook Users Dr. LAMBIOTTE, Renaud    
252 2011-Apr-07 11:00   Path lengths, correlations, and spreading dynamics in temporal networks Dr. SARAMäKI, Jari    
251 2011-Apr-08 16:10   Co-evolution of network structure and content Prof. ADAMIC, Lada    
250     Welcome Dr. HOLME, Petter
Prof. MINNHAGEN, Petter
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