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ISAPP2013 Stockholm
ISAPP2013 Stockholm
from 29 July 2013 to 06 August 2013 Djurönäset Conference Centre, Stockholm region
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Id downDate Type Title Presenter Session Track
250 2013-Jul-30 09:00 Talk Welcome - practical info EDSJö, Joakim    
251 2013-Jul-30 09:05 Lecture Particle Physics for Astrophysicists GELMINI, Graciela    
252 2013-Jul-30 13:30 Lecture Astrophysics & Cosmology for Particle Physicists KAMIONKOWSKI, Marc    
253 2013-Jul-31 09:00 Lecture Evidence for Dark Matter in the Universe SARKAR, Subir    
254 2013-Jul-31 10:45 Lecture Particle Physics Models for Dark Matter GONDOLO, Paolo    
255 2013-Jul-31 13:30 Lecture Direct Detection of Dark Matter GASCON, Jules    
256 2013-Jul-31 15:15 Lecture Indirect Detection of Dark Matter BRINGMANN, Torsten    
264 2013-Aug-02 15:15 Oral poster presentation The impact of the phase space density on the indirect detection of dark matter HUNTER, Daniel    
269 2013-Aug-02 15:25 Oral poster presentation XENON1T calibration techniques ITAY, Ran
PRIEL, Nadav
265 2013-Aug-02 15:35 Oral poster presentation Transport models for galactic cosmic rays - results of a Markov Chain Monte Carlo study KUNZ, Simon    
268 2013-Aug-02 15:45 Oral poster presentation EDELWEISS search for low mass WIMPs with a new maximum likelihood approach HEHN, Lukas    
270 2013-Aug-02 16:05 Oral poster presentation The Argon dark matter experiment MONTES NUñES, Barbara    
267 2013-Aug-02 16:15 Oral poster presentation ATLAS search for dark matter in monojet events PöTTGEN, Ruth    
266 2013-Aug-03 16:25 Oral poster presentation Indirect dark matter detection using cosmic antideuterons - new developments WILD, Sebastian    
257 2013-Aug-04 09:00 Lecture Numerical simulations of DM VOGELSBERGER, Mark    
258 2013-Aug-04 10:45 Lecture PLANCK Satellite Data and Interpretation MELCHIORRI, Alessandro    
259 2013-Aug-04 13:30 Lecture Statistical Methods, Overview READ, Alex    
260 2013-Aug-04 15:15 Lecture Statistical Methods, DM Examples Prof. CONRAD, Jan    
261 2013-Aug-05 10:45 Lecture DM and Neutrino Detectors BOERSMA, David    
262 2013-Aug-05 13:30 Lecture DM and Charged Cosmic Rays DONATO, Fiorenza    
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