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Pencil Code User Meeting 2019
12-16 August 2019 Aalto University
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(W19A) Coding workshop
(T19A) Welcome and Reports
(no code) Excursion around Otaniemi Wildlife Reserve
(Z19A) Zoom remote session with Göttingen/USA
(T19B) Python and visualisation
(T19C) Applications of the code
(T19D) Progress report for the Pencil-Code Special Issue
(no code) Allas Sea Pool
(no code) Visit Helsinki
(W19B) GPU progress
(W19C) Coding workshop
(T19E) Zoom remote session with Göttingen/USA/Austra
(no code) Sauna
(T19G) Boundary conditions
(T19F) Results with the Pencil Code
(W19D) Coding workshop
(no code) Suomenlinna
(no code) Dinner
(W19E) Coding workshop
(no code) Suomenlinna
(W19F) Coding workshop
--not specified--
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downId Date Type Title Presenter Session Track
250     Local projects      
251     Timestep contraints and shock handling      
252 2019-Aug-16 10:00   The time step constraint in radiation hydrodynamics Prof. BRANDENBURG, Axel    
253 2019-Aug-15 10:45   Convergence properties of detonation simulations BRANDENBURG, Axel    
254     TBA Mr. EVIRGEN, Cetin    
255     TBA Dr. GENT, Frederick    
256 2019-Aug-14 09:30   TBA Dr. RHEINHARDT, Matthias    
257 2019-Aug-14 09:00   Astorath GPU code Mr. PEKKILä, Johannes    
258     TBA Dr. WARNECKE, Jörn    
259     TBA Prof. KäPYLä, Maarit    
260 2019-Aug-15 13:45   Visualisation with Paraview Dr. KäPYLä, Petri    
261     TBA Mr. ROPER POL, Alberto    
262 2019-Aug-12 09:00   GPU-Pencil Code integration      
264 2019-Aug-12 09:00   Python simulation objects      
265 2019-Aug-12 13:30   Start/Welcome Dr. RHEINHARDT, Matthias    
266 2019-Aug-12 13:40   Introduction, code updates & statistics Prof. BRANDENBURG, Axel    
267 2019-Aug-12 14:30   Steering Committee report, Terms of Reference, updating databases Dr. RHEINHARDT, Matthias    
268 2019-Aug-14 13:30   Numerically driven mean flows Dr. WARNECKE, Jörn
Prof. KäPYLä, Maarit
Dr. KäPYLä, Petri
269 2019-Aug-12 18:00   Applications of the code Prof. LYRA, Wladimir    
270 2019-Aug-13 09:00   Pencilnew Dr. CANDELARESI, Simon    
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