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10th Pencil Code Meeting (Göttingen)
10th Pencil Code Meeting (Göttingen)
7-11 July 2014 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

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250 2014-Jul-09 13:30   Lagrangian Relaxation of Magnetic Fields CANDELARESI, Simon    
251 2014-Jul-10 15:30   Status of the bfield Module Dr. YANG, Chao-Chin    
252 2014-Jul-09 11:00   Aliasing in a Shearing Sheet Dr. YANG, Chao-Chin    
253 2014-Jul-10 11:30   Energization of charged particles by turbulence MITRA, Dhrubaditya    
254 2014-Jul-08 13:30   Implementation of reactive particles into Pencil Code DNS JONAS, Krüger    
255 2014-Jul-10 10:00   Modelling the interstellar medium in rotating galaxies GENT, Fred    
256 2014-Jul-08 16:00   Reactive particles in the Pencil- Code NILS, Haugen    
257 2014-Jul-07 15:00   Over 10 years of PENCIL CODE : History and Developments AXEL, Brandenburg    
258 2014-Jul-11 09:00   Status of the ionization module/model  BRANDENBURG, Axel    
259 2014-Jul-09 10:30   Convection simulations with reduced sound speed Dr. KäPYLä, Petri    
260 2014-Jul-09 14:00   Astraroth Code - A GPU Code Dr. KäPYLä, Petri    
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