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Superconductivity: the Second Century
Superconductivity: the Second Century
5-30 August 2013 Nordita, Stockholm
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(no code) Spectroscopies of Novel Superconductivity I
(no code) Supersondicting Machanism !
(no code) Superconducting Mechanism I
(no code) Topological Excitations and Vortices in SC
(round table on challenges in superconductivity) round table on challenges in superconductivity
(no code) Engineered Superconductors: Interfaces and Mutilayers
(no code) Superconducting Mechanism II
(no code) Superconducting Mechanism III
(no code) Spectroscopies of Novel Superconductivity II
(no code) Workshop Colloquium
(no code) Spectroscopies of Novel Superconductivity III
(no code) Superconducting Mechanism IV
(no code) Superconducting Mechanism V
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250 2013-Aug-06 10:00   NMR spectroscopies of Cuprates and other superconductors: commonalities and differences ZHENG, Guo-qing    
251 2013-Aug-06 11:00   ARPES studies of superconductors DESSAU, Dan    
252     Optical spectroscopy study of NaTi2Pn2O (Pn = As, Sb)      
253 2013-Aug-13 10:00   Overview of current status of theory of superconductivity in pnictides: role of electronic structure and spin fluctuations KUROKI, Kazuhiko    
254 2013-Aug-13 11:00   Scanning probes studies of pnictides and pairing symmetry identification HANAGURI, Tetsuo    
255 2013-Aug-13 12:00   Overview of superconductivity in pnictides BANG, Yunkyu    
256 2013-Aug-16 10:00   Status of ab initio studies of oxide interfaces SPALDIN, Nicola    
258 2013-Aug-16 12:00   Superconductivity in heavy fermion films MATSUDA, Yuji    
259 2013-Aug-16 11:00   Superconductivity at oxide interfaces GARIGLIO, Stefano    
260 2013-Aug-20 10:00   Superconductivity on the border of magnetism: comparing heavy fermion and iron pnictide superconductors SI, Qimiao    
261 2013-Aug-20 11:00   Defects and pairing symmetry in pnictides KONTANI, Hiroshi    
262 2013-Aug-20 12:00   Odd Frequency Superconductivity BLACK-SCHAFFER, Annica    
263 2013-Aug-22 10:00   Superconductivity in heavy fermions RONNING, Filip    
264 2013-Aug-22 14:00   ARPES studies of superconductors FENG, Donglai    
265 2013-Aug-23 14:00   Superconductivity across correlated material overview DAVIS, Séamus    
266 2013-Aug-26 10:00   Muon resonance studies of superconductors UEMURA, Yasutomo    
267 2013-Aug-27 10:00   Superconductivity in pnictides and cuprates: similarities and differences CHUBUKOV, Andrey    
268 2013-Aug-28 10:00   Nature of heavy fermion states and how they condition superconductivity COLEMAN, Piers    
269     Mott correlations and superconductivity PHILLIPS, Philip    
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