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Differential Rotation and Magnetism across the HR Diagram
Differential Rotation and Magnetism across the HR Diagram
from 08 April 2013 to 03 May 2013 Nordita
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256 2013-Apr-08 08:30   Registration      
265   Talk Reversals of the solar dipole SOKOLOFF, Dmitry    
266   Talk A new dynamo pattern revealed by the tilt angle of bipolar sunspot groups ILLARIONOV, Egor    
268   Talk Resonances for activity waves in spherical mean field dynamos SOKOLOFF, Dmitry    
269   Talk Cosmic magnetogenesis: from spontaneously emitted aperiodic turbulent to ordered equipartition fi elds SCHLICKEISER, Reinhard    
270   Talk Sounding stellar cycles with Kepler KAROFF, Christoffer    
271   Talk Can we predict the global magnetic topology of a pre-main-sequence star from Its position in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram? GREGORY, Scott G.    
272   Talk Zeeman Doppler imaging: techniques and limitations KOCHUKHOV, Oleg    
273 2013-Apr-24 15:30 Seminar Using the wavelet transform to measure the stellar magnetic fields KHOLTYGIN, Alexander F.    
274   Talk DI and ZDI of stellar magnetism and surface velocity fields STRASSMEIER, Klaus G.    
275 2013-Apr-30 11:00 Seminar Anisotropy of helicity in the Sun KUZANYAN, Kirill    
277 2013-Apr-30 11:30 Seminar Anelastic dynamo models with variable electrical conductivity: an application to gas giants DUARTE, LĂșcia D. V.    
278 2013-Apr-29 15:30 Seminar Role of sunspots in the polar magnetic field reversal on the Sun ZOLOTOVA, Nadezhda V.    
279   Talk Mean-field theory of meridional flow and differential rotation KITCHATINOV, Leonid L.    
281   Talk O.C.Wilson's stars: The aging of stellar activity on the MS SCHRöDER, Klaus-Peter    
282   Talk Viability of using photometric period variations as a proxy for stellar surface differential rotation LEHTINEN, Jyri    
284   Seminar Baroclinic instability in differentially rotating stars KITCHATINOV, Leonid L.    
286   Talk Inertial waves driven by differential rotation: a laboratory experiment TRIANA, Santiago A.    
289   Talk Observational constraints for dynamos in low-mass stars REINERS, Ansgar    
290   Seminar New theory of differential rotation in anisotropic turbulent convection ROGACHEVSKII, Igor    
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