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Statistical Mechanics and Computation of DNA Self-Assembly
Statistical Mechanics and Computation of DNA Self-Assembly
25-28 May 2011 Hotel Arkipelag, Mariehamn, Finland
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250       no code  
251 2011-May-25 17:00   Finicky and Sloppy Molecular Beacons Prof. KRAMER, Fred no code  
252 2011-May-25 18:45   Sequence, shape, function: a primer to DNA origami Prof. DIETZ, Hendrik no code  
253 2011-May-26 09:15   Self-assembly of DNA into nanoscale three-dimensional shapes Prof. SHIH, William 2  
254 2011-May-26 10:30   Assembly of single-walled carbon nanotubes on DNA-origami templates through streptavidin-biotin interaction Prof. TöRMä, Päivi 2  
255 2011-May-28 11:15   Dynamical nanosystems made from DNA, RNA, and occasionally a few other components Prof. SIMMEL, Friedrich 5  
256 2011-May-26 14:30   Free-form design of 3D DNA nanostructures using vHelix for Autodesk Maya Prof. HöGBERG, Björn 2  
257 2011-May-26 15:15   Microfluidic tools for DNA analysis, manipulation and separation Dr. BOGUNOVIC, Lukas 2  
258 2011-May-26 16:30   Thermodynamics of RNA hybridization inferred from out of equilibrium unzipping experiments Dr. HUGUET, Josep Maria 2  
259 2011-May-26 17:15   Coarse-grained modelling of DNA and DNA self-assembly Dr. OULDRIDGE, Thomas 2  
260 2011-May-27 09:15   Toward a Programmable Chemistry with Strand Displacement Cascades Prof. SOLOVEICHIK, David 3  
261 2011-May-27 10:30   The termination problem in self-assembly Prof. KARI, Jarkko 3  
262 2011-May-27 11:15   DNA codeword design: theory and application Prof. GARZON, Max 3  
263 2011-May-27 14:30   On Recycling and its Limits in Strand Displacement Systems Prof. CONDON, Anne 3  
264 2011-May-27 15:15   Building a DNA brain Dr. QIAN, Lulu 3  
265 2011-May-27 16:30   A Design Framework for Carbon Nanotube Circuits Affixed on DNA Origami Tiles Dr. CZEIZLER, Eugen 3  
266 2011-May-28 09:15   Growth of arbitrarily shaped metal nanoparticles templated by DNA origami Prof. LIEDL, Tim 5  
267 2011-May-28 10:30   Algorithmic Self-Assembly of DNA: Theory and Experiment Prof. WINFREE, Erik 5  
268 2011-May-26 11:15   On the theory of cost and benefit - experiments and theory Prof. DEKEL, Erez 2  
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