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Current and Future Trends in Stochastic Thermodynamics
4-29 September 2017 Nordita, Stockholm

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Experiments on quantum heat transport in electric circuits
I start by describing how heat currents can be measured in
electrical circuits in a low temperature environment. Then I
move to two current experiments. The first one is on
electronic heat transport through a single-electron
transistor, where Wiedemann-Franz law is not obeyed due to
Coulomb interaction and quantum processes. The second
experiment is on photonic heat transport through a
superconducting qubit, where the system acts as an open
quantum system with either the qubit-resonator or the
resonator-bath coupling acting as the weak coupling.
Id: 252
Place: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 122:026
Starting date:
06-Sep-2017   10:00
Duration: 01h00'
Presenters: PEKOLA, Jukka

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