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Conference on Applications of Network Theory
Conference on Applications of Network Theory
7-9 April 2011
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Path lengths, correlations, and spreading dynamics in temporal networks
In temporal networks, where nodes are connected through
sequences of temporary events, information or resources can
only flow through paths that follow their time-ordering. The
properties of these temporal paths play a crucial role in
dynamic processes: consider, e.g., simple SI spreading
dynamics, whose speed is determined by the time it takes to
complete such paths. I will discuss temporal path lengths
and distances, their measurement, and their relationship to
static graph distances. With the help of time-domain null
models, one can also measure the effects of temporal
correlations and heterogeneities, such as burstiness, on
temporal distances and spreading processes. These effects
may be very different: in human communication networks,
temporal heterogeneities are seen to increase temporal
distances and slow down spreading dynamics, whereas in an
air transport network their effect is the opposite.
Id: 252
Room: FD5
Starting date:
07-Apr-2011   11:00
Duration: 40'
Presenters: Dr. SARAMäKI, Jari

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