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Is There Still Room for Naturalness?
from 14 April 2020 to 01 May 2020 Nordita, Stockholm



Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


In the Standard Model and its extensions, the mass of the Higgs boson is destabilised by quantum corrections. The free parameters of the models need to be fine-tuned in order to arrive at the measured Higgs mass unless a mechanism, such as a symmetry, is present to ameliorate the situation.

This workshop, sponsored by NORDITA with the additional support of the Wallenberg foundation, aims at taking stock of the outcomes of the recent searches for physics beyond the Standard Model at LHC and elsewhere and quantifying the extent to which they constrain models attempting to restore naturalness. The expected sensitivity from future high precision running at the LHC and of planned non-collider experiments will also be addressed.

We aim at having at most two presentations a day to ensure time for discussions and project work in a relaxed atmosphere. Details of the schedule will be fixed at a later stage.


Topics will include

  • Supersymmetry: Status and possible new signatures
  • Compositeness: Status and possible new signatures
  • Effective Field Theories
  • Future Directions: Experiment and Theory


Due to limitation of space, the participation to the workshop is by invitation only. Invited participants are still kindly asked to fill in the registration form. We will be able to cover travel expenses, accommodation and part of local expenses for the invited participants.

Sponsored by:

Nordita KAW

Dates: from 14 April 2020 09:00 to 01 May 2020 18:00
Location: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 122:026
ENBERG, Rikard
FERRETTI, Gabriele
SJöLIN, Jörgen

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