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An introduction to the technologies behind Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies, their caveats and open problems for statistical physicists.
  Complex systems and Biological physics seminar

Tuesday 08 May 2018
from 13:30 to 14:30
Speaker : Nicolas Innocenti
Abstract : This is a review/discussion talk aiming at seeding ideas for future research topics rather than presenting established scientific results. We'll start by giving an introduction to Blockchain technology - the "revolution" behind the Bitcoin network and many other related cryptocurrencies. We focus on high level technical aspects and particularly on how an inverse game theory approach allows to combine a set of well-established concepts in a way that gives revolutionary new properties to the resulting system. We move on to describe problems and limitations of current Blockchain implementations and end by giving a brief introduction to Iota - the first of a new generation of cryptocurrencies that use technologies "beyond blockchain". Finally, we present early stage ideas about how methods from statistical physics and/or information theory could improve scalability or give new interesting properties to cryptocurrencies.

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