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Holographic QCD
22-26 July 2019 Nordita, Stockholm



Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


In the last few years there has been renewed interest in QCD and hadronic dynamics using holographic gauge/gravity duality, resurge of the large N methods, progress in string models, integrability, unitarity and bootstrap and more. Also, many new experimental results were reported by ALICE at LHC regarding collectivization in pp and pA collisions, by LHCb at CERN and the B- and C-factories regarding the existence of exotics and the spectroscopy of heavy-light systems, and more recently the reporting of 2 neutron star mergers by the LIGO collaboration and its constraint on the nuclear dense equation of state.

This conference will bring together practitioners of these interdisciplinary fields to discuss these exciting new developments, and explore the relevance of the holographic framework for addressing these observations. The conference is meant to be interdisciplinary but focused on practical aspects that will help address some of the salient parts of the experiments and suggest novel measurements or QCD lattice simulations. For instance, the collectivization reported by the ALICE will be sought using holographic strings, the exotics and new spectroscopy reported by LHCb will be sought through the use of novel holographic string descriptions, while dense hadronic matter will be sought through holography and large N techniques.

The conference is preceded by a related event, Integrability in Gauge and String Theories 2019.

Speakers Include

Stanley Brodsky, Sergei Dubovsky, Umut G├╝rsoy, Koji Hashimoto, Romuald Janik, Matti Jarvinen, Niko Jokela, Gregory Korchemsky, Charlotte Kristjansen, James Lattimer, Yizhuang Liu, Joe Minahan, Francesco Nitti, Carlos Nunez, Anton Rebhan, Andreas Schaefer, Edward Shuryak, Shigeki Sugimoto, Aleksi Vuorinen, Larry Yaffe


To apply for participation, fill in the application form. You will be informed shortly after the deadline if your application has been approved. Invited speakers are of course automatically approved, but need to register anyway.

Application deadline: 15 April 2019

There is no registration fee.


Nordita provides a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments at a specially negotiated rate.

Please be aware that unfortunately, scammers sometimes approach participants claiming to be able to provide accommodation and asking for credit card details. Please do not give this information to them. For successful applicants, Nordita will be in touch via email regarding accommodation. If you are in any doubt about the legitimacy of an approach, please get in contact with the organisers.

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Dates: from 22 July 2019 09:00 to 26 July 2019 18:00
Location: Nordita, Stockholm
Room: 122:026
Chairs: KIRITSIS, Elias
ZAHED, Ismail
ZAREMBO, Konstantin

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