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Masters thesis: Confined Brownian motion: Fick-Jacobs Equation and Stochastic Thermodynamics
  Thesis defense

Thursday 14 September 2017
from 13:10 to 14:30
at 112:028
Speaker : Cristoph Strei├čnig (Stockholm University, Fysikum, and Nordita)
Abstract : Brownian motion confined in a two dimensional channel with varying cross-section under the influence of an external force field is examined. In particular, a one dimensional equation approximately describing the dynamics of the Brownian particles is derived, a generalization of the well known Fick-Jacobs equation. This generalized Fick-Jacobs equation is numerically verified by Brownian dynamics simulations for a special case of the external force field. Furthermore the generalized Fick-Jacobs equation is investigated in the context of stochastic thermodynamics.

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