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Laboratory Soft X-Ray Cryo Microscopy: Source, System and Bio Applications
  Thesis defense

Friday 02 June 2017
from 13:00 to 15:00
at FD5
Speaker : Emelie Fogelqvist (Department of Applied Physics, KTH, Stockholm)
Abstract : Soft x-ray microscopes routinely perform high-resolution 3D imaging of biological cells in their near-native environment with short exposure times at synchrotron radiation facilities. Some laboratory-sized microscopes are aiming to make this imaging technique more accessible to a wider scientific community. However, these systems have been hampered by source instabilities hindering routine imaging of biological samples with short exposure times. This Thesis presents work performed on the Stockholm laboratory x-ray microscope. A novel heat control system has been implemented, improving the stability of the laser-produced plasma source. In combination with recent upgrades to the imaging system and an improved cryofixation method, the microscope now has the capability to routinely produce images with 10-second exposure time of cryofixed biological samples. This has allowed for tomographic imaging of cell autophagy and cell-cell interactions. Furthermore, a numerical 3D image formation model is presented as well as a novel reconstruction approach dealing with the limited depth of focus in x-ray microscopes.

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