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Licentiate thesis: Phenomenological Studies of Neutrinos
  Thesis defense

Friday 09 June 2017
from 13:00 to 16:00
at FB54
Speaker : Jessica Elevant (Stockholm University, Department of Physics)
Abstract : Since the proposal of its existence in 1930, the neutrino has continued to amaze. Starting off as a solution to the lack of energy conservation in beta decay, massive neutrinos have become a gateway to physics beyond the standard model, and a complementary probe of various astrophysical sources. Among the things we do know about neutrinos, we have their massive nature, that their three flavour- and mass eigenstates do not coincice, and that the neutrinos oscillate between flavours as they propagate. Among the things we have yet to figure out in the realm of neutrino physics are for example the neutrino’s possible Majorana nature, how neutrinos acquire their mass, whether sterile neutrinos exist, whether neutrino oscillations break CP-symmetry, whether neutrinos can help us understand the matter to antimatter asymmetry, and whether neutrinos can help solve the mystery of the particle nature of dark matter. In this thesis we performed two phenomenological studies on neutrinos. One focusing on learning more about the neutrino itself, namely the determination of the oscillation parameters, in particular the CP phase. In the other project, we focused on an application of a neutrino signal, namely as a background to indirect dark matter searches. We updated the estimated neutrino flux coming from cosmic ray interactions in the Sun.

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