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Quasi-local mass
  Thesis defense

Thursday 23 June 2016
from 10:00 to 11:00
at C5:1007
Speaker : Patrik Lindberg (SU)
Abstract : The notion of quasi-local mass is examined, speci cally the definitions suggested by Hawking and Geroch. While these are not fully satisfactory as de finitions of quasi-local mass, they have nevertheless proven to be useful tools, for example in proving the positivity of the ADM mass and a version of the Penrose inequality. The mass de finitions are evaluated in various special cases, demonstrating explicitly that they can become negative for some very simple surfaces. For a few special spacetimes, a class of surfaces is identified for which the Hawking mass makes sense. Corrections are made to both de finitions in the presence of a non-zero cosmological constant. Furthermore, the monotonicity of the Geroch mass under the inverse mean curvature flow (IMCF) is studied in detail, including a numerical evaluation of the evolution of a spheroid.

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