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Nanocalorimetry for thermal characterization of novel materials
  Molecular Physics seminar

Monday 29 February 2016
from 10:00 to 11:00
at FB55
Speaker : Donato Campanini (SU, condensed matter and quantum information)
Abstract : While the accuracy of traditional specific heat calorimeters is usually good, the resolution of such calorimeters is often limited and large samples are required. These limitations can be overcome by nanofabricated, membrane-based calorimeters, so called nanocalorimeters. Nanocalorimetry allows high-resolution specific heat measurements on sub-μg samples, opening up studies of electronic phase transitions in magnetic fields. In this talk, I will introduce our nanocalorimeter and discuss how it can be used to obtain combined good resolution and accuracy over a broad temperature range. Recent results on the magnetocaloric Fe2P, the iron-based high-temperature superconductor BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 and metastable β-Gallium are presented.

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