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Swedish Space Plasma Physics Workshop 2016, Stockholm, KTH
3-4 March 2016 KTH Royal Institute of Technology
This meeting is held to help facilitate collaborations between space physics groups in Sweden as well as provide information on ongoing research. During the meeting a brief overview of the activities in the various space physics groups will be provided. After that we will have a focused session on new missions with Swedish involvement with some longer presentations, followed by shorter science presentations (max 5 min) and splinter meetings on various hot topics. Some emphasis this year will be on Rosetta, but we should try to keep the topics as universal as possible.

Dates: from 03 March 2016 08:00 to 04 March 2016 18:00
Location: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Room V34, Teknikringen 76
Room E31, Lindstedtsvägen 3
Chairs: Dr. MARKIDIS, Stefano
Prof. KARLSSON, Tomas

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