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Master Thesis: HPC simulation of fluid-structure interaction for an in-core neutron flux detector housing tube
  Thesis defense

Thursday 14 January 2016
from 14:00 to 15:00
at A4:1003
Speaker : Vasilis Papadimitriou (Stockholm University, Department of Physics)
Abstract : The study of flow-induced vibrations on slender structures is a relatively new subject, with increasing interest in recent years. In the present work the axial turbulent flow past a cylindrical object is simulated, by using an open source CFD code (OpenFOAM) with a Large Eddy Simulation (LES) approach. High Performance Computing (HPC) resources were available and a detailed approach has been accomplished, with several computational meshes scaling up to 20 million cells. Spectral and spatial analysis has been performed on the numerical results and validation with the experimental data provided (by the projects contributors) has been carried out. Additionally, an FSI simulation has been achieved for the same geometry, with a partitioned approach, coupling two separate flow and structural solvers and a comparison has been performed with the experiment here as well, in order to examine the ability of the software to predict the behavior of the FSI and how the numerical approximations affect the results in turbulent cases. The turbulent velocity frequencies showed a good correspondence with the natural vibration modes of the rod and the software was shown capable to simulate the FSI behavior, but had room for improvement in several sectors, especially HPC.

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