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Magnetic Fields in Early Stellar Evolution: The Case of Upper Scorpius
  Nordita Astrophysics seminars

Wednesday 09 December 2015
from 13:30 to 14:30
at 122:026
Speaker : Gregory Feiden (Uppsala University)
Abstract : Absolute ages estimated for identifiably young stellar populations strongly depend on which stars are used in the age dating analysis. Cooler K- and M-type stars typically yield ages that are systematically younger by a factor of two compared to warmer A-, F-, and G-type stars. In this talk, I will highlight efforts to understand these age discrepancies as the result of magnetic inhibition of convection in cool young stars. Specifically, I will focus on the adoption of magnetic stellar evolution models to derive a consistent 10 Myr age for the Upper Scorpius subgroup of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association. Multiple pieces of evidence in support of this explanation will be presented along with several remaining problems and uncertainties.

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