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The Inflationary Universe of α-attractors
  OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

Monday 30 November 2015
from 13:15 to 14:15
at 122:026
Speaker : Marco Scalisi (University of Groningen)
Abstract : The latest Planck data provide stringent constraints on the parameters related to the inflationary dynamics. However, many models are still competing for the final say on the detailed mechanism of inflation. Guided by UV-completion arguments, we present α-attractors: their cosmological predictions are fully determined by some geometric properties of the underlying supergravity theory. Strikingly, they provide an excellent fit with the latest observational data. We will show how this scenario emerges very naturally from some basic theoretical ingredients. Interestingly, the coupling with a nilpotent sector responsible for dark energy and susy breaking will enhance the attractor nature of the theory.

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