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Classical Lie algebras contra infinite-dimensional positively graded Lie algebras
  SMC Colloquium

Wednesday 06 February 2013
from 14:15 to 16:15
at Room FB53 and Oskar Klein auditorium
Speaker : Jan-Erik Roos (Stockholm university)
Abstract :

Finite-dimensional Lie algebras have a long history going back to Lie, Killing, Elie Cartan, ... I will start with a short survey of their theory. Then I will pass to the main subject of my talk, namely those infinite-dimensional positively graded graded Lie algebras that come up in

Group theory,
Algebraic topology,
Commutative ring theory.

For a long time it seemed impossible to say something in these three cases if you were inspired by the finite-dimensional case. But this has now changed and I will give explicit examples illustrationg this. The phenomena that I will describe have in some cases been found and inspired by computer calculations using a programme liedim which has been written by Clas Löfwall. My main emphasis will be case 1) above, but the precolloquium talk 14.15-15.00 by Alexander Berglund will put more emphasis on the other cases.

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