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Diploma work presentation
  Molecular Physics seminar

Tuesday 18 December 2007
from 13:00 to 14:00
at FA31
Speaker : Roger Tuomenoksa (Molecular physics, Stockholm University)
Abstract : The institution of Biotechnology at the Royal Institute of Technology has developed a new method for measuring protein-protein interactions that may be usable in a microarray context. Synthetic antibodies, affibodies, labelled with two flourishing dyes are used as capture reagents for binding target proteins. By using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer a shift in ratio between the emissions of the two fluorophores can be used to measure the binding between a protein and the affibody protein. This setup allows conduct of protein microarray experiments without the obstacle of marking the proteins with a dye. A prototype protein microarray scanner for the KTH microarrays has earlier been developed and test scans with this equipment show that further experiments with the protein microarray are necessary before the technology can be used for microarray analysis. One step is to construct a scanner with resolution enough to resolve one single spot. All components to use in such a scanner have been tested and a suggestion of a design is made. But to construct the scanner it is possible that a high intensity laser in junction with a frequency doubler crystal or a high performance CCD camera may need to be purchased.

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