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PhD Thesis: Time-Resolved Spectroscopy and Intensity Measurements of Singly Charged Ions
  Thesis defense

Friday 20 March 2015
from 13:00 to 16:00
at FB42
Speaker : Erik Bäckström (Stockholm University, department of Physics)
Abstract : This thesis is mainly concerned with investigations of spontaneous radiatively decaying states in both negative and positive singly charged ions. When possible, the measured lifetime of the state has been combined with branching fractions in order to derive the absolute transition probability (A-value) between different quantum states. The radiative transition probability between two quantum states is a fundamental atomic property. Knowledge of this property can be used as a diagnostic tool in, for example, abundance and temperture determinations with applications in many fields, e.g. astronomy, plasma physics, atomic physics etc. The focus of the experiments has been on lifetime measurements of long-lived metastable states. Lifetimes of long-lived metastable states are interesting in both theoretical aspects as well as the challenge it poses to the experimentalist. To perform such experiments, impact from the surronding environment on the stored ions has to be kept to a minimum for extended periods of time. The mestatable lifetimes presented here have been measured with time-resolved laser spectroscopic techniques in two different types of ion storage rings. One of them is a new type of unique cryogenically cooled storage ring made of purely electrostatic ion optical elemnets. As is demonstrated in this thesis, this device opens up a completely new time domain where lifetime measurements now can be performed. In addition, this thesis includes a discussion and preliminary studies of weak interactions otherwise limited by magnetic fields and/or thermal radiation from the environment. When available, the results have been compared to previous measurements and theoretical calculations which enables an evaluation of different methods and theoretical models. Stockholm 2015 ISBN 978-91-7649-100-3

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