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Constructing Gravity Amplitudes Using Color-Kinematics Duality at One and Two Loops
  OKC/Nordita High-Energy Physics Theory seminar

Tuesday 21 October 2014
from 15:00 to 16:00
at 122:026
Speaker : Josh Nohle (UNUSUAL DATE AND TIME) (UCLA)
Abstract : The duality between color and kinematics has been exploited to construct loop-level amplitudes in (super-)Yang-Mills and (super)gravity theories, most often containing a high degree of supersymmetry. Here, we investigate cases with less supersymmetry. We present four-point one-loop nonsupersymmetric pure Yang-Mills amplitudes with the duality between color and kinematics manifest, and we then extend the discussion to fermions and scalars circulating in the loop with all external gluons. Finally, we discuss obstacles to constructing local duality-satisfying amplitudes at two loops, and we explore potential remedies.

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