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Hot Topic Seminar: ESA's recently selected Earth-hunter PLATO

Friday 25 April 2014
from 15:15 to 17:00
at Nordita, 122:026
Speaker : Alexis Brandeker (Dept. of Astronomy, SU)
Abstract : Ever since the 1995 announcement of a planet around a solar-like star other than the Sun, increasingly sophisticated instrumentation and methods have been used to detect and characterise exoplanets. The most ambitious project being implemented is the space mission PLATO, recently selected by ESA for a 2024 launch. PLATO is designed to be able to detect Earth-like planets in Earth-like orbits around solar-like stars - that is, Earth analogues. In Hot Topic Seminar I will present the PLATO project and put it into context of other efforts to detect and characterise exoplanets, in particular the space missions GAIA and CHEOPS, all with active Swedish involvement.

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