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Licentiate Thesis: Many-Body effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  Thesis defense

Friday 25 April 2014
from 13:15 to 15:15
at FA31
Speaker : Carl Wesslén (Stockholm University, Department of Physics)
Abstract : Low dimensional semiconductor structures are modeled using techniques from the field of many-body atomic physics. B-splines are used to create a one-particle basis, used to solve the more complex many-body problems. Details on methods such as the Configuration Interaction (CI), Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) and Coupled Cluster (CC) are discussed. Results from the CC singles and doubles method are compared to other high-precision methods for the circular harmonic oscillator quantum dot. The results show a good agreement for the energy of many-body states of up to 12 electrons. Properties of elliptical quantum dots, circular quantum dots, quantum rings and concentric quantum rings are all reviewed. The effects of tilted external magnetic fields applied to the elliptical dot are discussed, and the energy splitting between the lowest singlet and triplet states is explored for varying geometrical properties. Results are compared to experimental energy splitings for the same system containing 2 electrons.

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