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On the leading term of asymptotics of the n like-charged quantum particles scattering problem solution.
  Molecular Physics seminar

Friday 23 August 2013
from 10:00 to 11:00
at FA 31
Speaker : Sergey Levin (St. Petersburg State University)
Abstract : An ansatz describing in terms of formal asymptotic decompositions a leading term of asymptotics of the n three-dimensional like-charged quantum particles scattering problem solution is suggested. The description of the solution in those asymptotic configurations in which it was known earlier (for example, n = 3), coincides with the previously known constructions . It is shown that the Schredinger equation discrepancy for the suggested ansatz decreases faster than the potential uniformly in all angle variables at infinity in configuration space. An assumption is made about the structure of the leading term of the asymptotics of the scattering problem solution related to the n three-dimensional quantum particles interacting by a broad class of slowly decreasing pair potentials.

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