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Nordita Winter School 2012 on Theoretical Particle Physics
Nordita Winter School 2012 on Theoretical Particle Physics
9-20 January 2012 Nordita

The 3rd annual Nordita Winter School on Theoretical Physics

9-20 January, 2012


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The purpose of this winter school is to provide PHD students and young postdocs in the Nordic countries with introductory courses in a range of the most important topics in the field of theoretical particle physics. Furthermore, the school will provide a way to bring together students and young postdocs across different fields, research institutions and countries.

Topics of School

  • Standard model of particle physics
  • Beyond the standard model physics
  • Non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theory
  • Black holes
  • String theory
  • Intgrability
  • Holography and AdS/CFT
  • Applications of AdS/CFT
  • The experimental search for quantum gravity
  • Mathematica


  • P. Di Vecchia (Nordita)
  • G. Ferretti (Chalmers, Göteborg)
  • S. Hannestad (University of Aarhus)
  • T. Harmark (Nordita)
  • S. Hossenfelder (Nordita)
  • N. A. Obers (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen)
  • A. Raklev (Oslo University)
  • F. Sannino (CP3 origins, SDU, Odense)
  • L. Thorlacius (Nordita & University of Iceland)
  • P. Vieira (Perimeter Institute, Canada)
  • K. Zarembo (Nordita)


The school is mainly intended for PhD students and young postdocs from the Nordic countries.

Accepted applicants will receive financial support for travel expenses (within the Nordic countires), and accomodation in a Stockholm hotel will be provided.

Applications should include a one page CV and a recommendation letter (e.g. from the supervisor). Applications are accepted electronically using the application form linked to in the menu.

Application opens: 26 October, 2011.

Deadline for applications: 30 November, 2011.

Sponsored by

Nordita NordForsk

Dates: from 09 January 2012 08:00 to 20 January 2012 18:00
Location: Nordita
Room: FB42
Chairs: HARMARK, Troels
ZAREMBO, Konstantin

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