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Pencil Code User Meeting 2019
12-16 August 2019 Aalto University

Current registrants (17)
name institution downArrival Departure
Dr. BAREKAT, Atefeh Max Planck Institude for Solar System Research (MPS) 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
Dr. BOURDIN, Philippe Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
Prof. BRANDENBURG, Axel Nordita 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
Dr. CANDELARESI, Simon University of Dundee 11-August-2019 16-August-2019
Mr. EVIRGEN, Cetin Newcastle University 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
GENT, Frederick Aalto University 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
Dr. HAUGEN, Nils SINTEF 13-August-2019 15-August-2019
Mr. KAZEMI, Parham Aalto 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
KäPYLä, Maarit MPS 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
Dr. KäPYLä, Petri Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
Ms. LONG, Shiting Aalto University 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
Mr. PEKKILA, Johannes Aalto University 10-August-2019 18-August-2019
Dr. RHEINHARDT, Matthias Aalto University 11-August-2019 17-August-2019
Mr. ROPER POL, Alberto University of Colorado 12-August-2019 18-August-2019
Dr. SINGH, Nishant MPS 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
Dr. VäISäLä, Miikka Academia Sinica 12-August-2019 16-August-2019
WARNECKE, Jörn Max Planck Institut for Solar System Research 10-August-2019 18-August-2019

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