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New Trends in Radiation Hydrodynamics
9-11 May 2007 Nordita (Stockholm)

Current registrants (52)
downname institution Arrival Departure
Ms. BABKOVSKAIA, Natalia University of Oulu 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Ms. BAEK, Sunghye LERMA , Observatoire de Paris 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Mr. BATTELINO, Milan Stockholm University 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Dr. BEGELMAN, Mitchell JILA, University of Colorado 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
BLAES, Omer University of California, Santa Barbara 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Prof. BRANDENBURG, Axel Nordita 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Prof. CHO, Jungyeon Chungnam Natl U. 08-May-2007 13-May-2007
Mr. COLLET, Remo Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Mr. FORERO, Jaime Centre de Recheche Astrophysique de Lyon 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
FRANSSON, Claes Dept of Astronomy 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. FREYTAG, Bernd CRAL-ENS Lyon 07-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. GNEDIN, Nick Fermilab 07-May-2007 13-May-2007
GUDIKSEN, Boris University of Oslo 08-May-2007 13-May-2007
Dr. HANS, Ludwig Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Mr. HEINEMANN, Tobias University of Cambridge 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Dr. HEITER, Ulrike Department of Astronomy and Space Physics 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. HELLING, Christiane University of St Andrews 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. HöFNER, Susanne Dept. of Astronomy & Space Physics, Uppsala University 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Prof. ICKE, Vincent Sterrewacht Leiden 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. ILIEV, Ilian CITA 08-May-2007 14-May-2007
Dr. JUVELA, Mika Observatory, University of Helsinki 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. KOCHUKHOV, Oleg Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala University 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. KORN, Andreas Uppsala Astronomical Observatory 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. KOTAKE, Kei National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 09-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. KäPYLä, Petri Nordita 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Mr. LEENAARTS, Jorrit Sterrekundig Instituut Utrecht - Utrecht University 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. LUDWIG, Hans Observatoire de Paris-Meudon 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. LYRA, Wladimir Uppsala University 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Mr. MATTSSON, Lars Uppsala University 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. MELLEMA, Garrelt Stockholm Observatory 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Prof. NORDLUND, Åke Niels Bohr Institute 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. PAARDEKOOPER, Jan-Pieter Leiden Observatory 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. PAWLIK, Andreas Leiden Observatory 08-May-2007 13-May-2007
Mr. PETERSON, Terrance A private entity 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Ms. PETKOVA, Margarita Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Prof. POUTANEN, Juri University of Oulu 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Mr. RAICEVIC, Milan Institute for Computational Cosmology - Durham University 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. RYDE, Felix Department of Physics 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
Dr. SOCRATES, Aristotle Princeton University 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
SRAMKOVA, Eva Silesian University in Opava 07-May-2007 12-May-2007
Prof. STEIN, Robert Michigan State University 08-May-2007 13-May-2007
Dr. STEINACKER, Juergen Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
STRAUB, Odele CAMK 07-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. SUNDBERG, Mikaela Department of Sociology, Stockholm University 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. SYMINGTON, Neil University of St Andrews 07-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. THRASTARSON, Heidar Thor Uppsala University 09-May-2007 11-May-2007
Mr. TRIER FREDERIKSEN, Jacob Stockholm Observatory 07-May-2007 14-May-2007
TURNER, Neal JPL/Caltech 08-May-2007 13-May-2007
Prof. UMEMURA, Masayuki Center for Computational Sciences 07-May-2007 12-May-2007
Dr. VOEGLER, Alexander Sterrekundig Instituut, Utrecht University 08-May-2007 11-May-2007
Dr. WEDEMEYER-BOHM, Sven Institutt for Teoretisk Astrofysikk 08-May-2007 12-May-2007
WHALEN, Daniel Los Alamos National Laboratory 08-May-2007 13-May-2007

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