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Nordita Niels Bohr Colloquium (Managers: Balatsky, A.; Ohlsson Sax, O.; Zarembo, K.; Johannesson, G.)
Organizers A. Balatsky, G. Johannesson, V. Juricic, O. Olsson Sax

o 2019
October 2019
14 export to personal scheduler Barry Barish (Caltech)
Big Science, Big Discoveries
June 2019
11 export to personal scheduler Carl Bender (Washington University and Imperial College London)
PT symmetry -- Physics in the complex domain
May 2019
07 export to personal scheduler Anthony Zee (UCSB)
Quantum field theory, past, present and future
February 2019
19 export to personal scheduler Alexander Molochkov (FEFU, Vladivostok)
Nonperturbative Casimir Effects: Structure of gauge theories vacuum in finite systems

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