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CoPS/Nordita seminar (Managers: Mühlen, H.; Zarembo, K.; Krikun, A.; Krikun, A.; Gudnason, S.; Nobili, S.; Nobili, S.; Sundborg, B.; Zambujal Ferreira, R.)

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o 2015
February 2015
04 export to personal scheduler Gian Francesco Giudice (CERN)
Softened Gravity and the Extension of the Standard Model up to Infinite Energy

o 2014
November 2014
06 export to personal scheduler Fotis Farakos (Brno)
Inflation and SUSY Breaking from Higher Curvature Supergravity
October 2014
22 export to personal scheduler Shailesh Lal (Seoul National University)
Computing Quantum Corrections to Extremal Black Hole Entropy

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