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12th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA 2012)
12th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA 2012)
15-17 October 2012 AlbaNova University Centre

The "Space Factor" - a contest of space science students

Participants: PhD students

In a half-day session of the EANA 2012 workshop, 15 to 20 PhD students will get the opportunity to introduce themselves and their research to other PhD students and interested conference participants. "The Space Factor" contest gives young scientists a great forum to connect with other PhD students, to learn from them, to exchange thoughts, to gain new insights and ideas, and to establish new contacts and maybe even cooperation. An interdisciplinary committee board will judge the contributions of all participating PhD students and several awards (e.g. Svante Arrhenius Astrobiology Award (by EANA)) will be granted.

The deadline for applications has passed and the participating students have been chosen. We thank all applicants for their interest!

For questions, please contact the organiser of the contest: Ralf Möller.

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