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ISAPP2013 Stockholm
ISAPP2013 Stockholm
from 29 July 2013 to 06 August 2013 Djurönäset Conference Centre, Stockholm region
Every participant in the ISAPP School who is involved in an astroparticle physics research project is encouraged to bring a poster describing the project. There will be conventional poster stands (for sizes up to A0), and there will be a special poster session on Friday, August 2, with some posters selected by the organizing committee given time for a short oral presentation. There will in addition be a small prize given to "Best poster at ISAPP Stockholm 2013".

The posters selected for 8 minute oral presentations on Friday August 2 are:

Daniel Hunter: The impact of the phase space density on the indirect detection of DM
Ran Itay and Nadav Priel: XENON-1T calibration techniques
Simon Kunz: A MCMC study of transport models for galactic CRs
Lukas Hehn: EDELWEISS search for low mass WIMPs with a maximum likelihood approach
Kathrin Mallot: The electron spectrum with MAGIC
Barbara Montes: The Argon dark matter experiment
Ruth Pöttgen: ATLAS search for dark matter in monojet events
Sebastian Wild: Indirect dark matter detection with cosmic antideuterons

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