1.2. Session Co-ordination

There are three levels of co-ordination modification that the Conference Manager can give to session co-ordinators.

If you do not have access or the rights to any part within your session you will be presented with this page:

1.2.1. Basic Rights

All Session Co-ordinators can:

Your co-ordination will mainly take place within the Timetable tab of your session:

1.2.2. Contribution Modification Rights

If the conference manager has allowed contribution modification rights you can:

To modify the contribution click on it's name from either the timetable or the contribution list.

The contribution management area (For a more detailed explanation please see "Contribution" in the Agenda User Guide

1.2.3. Unrestricted Timetable Management

If the conference manager has allowed unrestricted timetable management rights you can:

The timetable management area will be the same as it was with the basic rights with the options to manage the slots: