Chapter 1. Starting with Indico

1.1. Creating an Administration Account

After installation the first screen presented to you will be:

First thing needed is to create an administrator account by clicking on login. Administrators will have access and modification rights to all categories and events. You will be presented with a Log In screen and with an option to create an account. A form will need to be filled in with your user details. Once this is complete an email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account, once activated you will then be able to login and will be redirected to the administration area (See Administration Area).

From here you need to add your account to the administrator list, to do this click on 'add' under the title of 'Administrator List' and use the user search to find and select your account. You will then be an administrator and can start using all the features of Indico. Without an Administrator account anybody can access and change all parts of Indico leaving it exposed without any access control.

Users can create their own accounts to use Indico in which you can modify, delete and add extra logins manually. You are also able to create new accounts and assign users to be administrators or organise users into groups (See Administration Area)