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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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(reg) Registration
(Welcome) Welcome and introduction
(cosmo) Dark energy / Dark matter / Cosmology / Overview
(gam) Indirect searches - gammas
(acc) Connections with accelerators
(poster) Poster session
(dir-exp) Direct detection - experiments
(theory) Theoretical models and related topics
(dir-pheno) Direct detection - phenomenology/theory
(Indir-pheno) Indirect searches - gammas, neutrinos, etc
(dm-struct) Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
(cha-cosm) Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
(multi-mess) Multi messenger searches and the galactic centre
(public) Public Lecture (in Swedish)
(dm-pheno) Dark matter phenomenology / theory
(neutrinos) Neutrino properties
(darkstars) Dark Stars
(par-a-back) Background studies and detector ideas for direct detection (joint with ILIAS meeting)
(indir-nu) Indirect searches - neutrinos
(photo) Conference Photo
(axion) Axions - theory and experiment
(sum) Summary - end of conference
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() Direct detection - experiments
() Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
() Indirect searches - gammas
() Indirect searches - neutrinos
() Multi messenger searches
() Dark energy / Cosmology
() Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
() Connections with accelerators
() Dark matter phenomenology / theory
() Axions - theory and experiment
() Neutrino properties
() Dark Stars
() Summary
() Poster session
() Parallel A: Background studies for direct detection
() Parallel B: Theoretical models and related topics
() ILIAS network
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downId Date Type Title Presenter Session Track
386 2008-Aug-20 14:10 Talk A dark matter disk in the Milky Way (15'+5') Dr. READ, Justin dm-struct  
387 2008-Aug-20 08:30 Talk Sapphire, BGO and LiF scintillating bolometers developed for dark matter experiments (15'+5') Mr. ORTIGOZA PAREDES, Ysrael Richard dir-exp  
388 2008-Aug-21 16:20 Talk Minimal Dark Matter (15'+5') Mr. CIRELLI, Marco theory  
389 2008-Aug-20 15:30 Talk PAMELA - an experiment searching for dark matter with cosmic antiparticles (35'+5') Dr. BOEZIO, Mirko cha-cosm  
390   Talk NESTOR project status report Dr. ZHUKOV, Vladimir indir-nu  
391 2008-Aug-20 14:30 Talk Signatures of the Milky Way's dark disk in current and future experiments (15'+5') Mr. BRUCH, Tobias dm-struct  
392 2008-Aug-19 09:30 Talk Implications of Yukawa unification and WMAP dark matter in the observation of flavor-violating signals. (15'+5') GOMEZ, Mario E. theory  
393 2008-Aug-19 15:45 Talk EDELWEISS direct dark matter search. (15'+5') Mr. DEFAY, xavier dir-exp  
394 2008-Aug-20 09:10 Talk Direction-sensitive direct dark matter search; NEWAGE (15'+5') Mr. NISHIMURA, Hironobu dir-exp  
395 2008-Aug-19 08:30 Talk The PICASSO Dark Matter Search (15'+5') DAVOUR, Anna dir-exp  
397 2008-Aug-18 16:55 Talk Combining accelerators with Dark Matter Direct Detection (15'+5') Mr. FORNASA, Mattia acc  
398 2008-Aug-22 09:40 Talk Search for Dark Matter with the AMANDA and IceCube neutrino detectors (20'+5') Prof. DE CLERCQ, Catherine indir-nu  
399 2008-Aug-20 08:30 Talk WIMP halo around the Sun and prospects for gamma ray detection (15'+5') Ms. SIVERTSSON, Sofia Indir-pheno  
400 2008-Aug-21 11:10 Talk From Cuoricino to CUORE: approaching the inverted hierarchy region (15'+5') Prof. GIULIANI, Andrea neutrinos  
401 2008-Aug-18 11:20 Talk Indirect Dark Matter Search with the MAGIC Telescope (20'+5') Dr. BILAND, Adrian gam  
402 2008-Aug-20 11:00 Talk Via Lactea II - A high-resolution view of galactic dark matter substructure (25'+5') Dr. KUHLEN, Michael dm-struct  
403 2008-Aug-18 17:15 Talk Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter: Direct Detection vis-a-vis LHC (15'+5') Mr. ARRENBERG, Sebastian acc  
404 2008-Aug-20 09:10 Talk Constraining Dark Matter hypothesis through observations of Dwarf Spheroidal galaxies with the GLAST-LAT detector. (15'+5') Mr. NUSS, Eric Indir-pheno  
405 2008-Aug-19 10:30 Talk The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (20'+5') Dr. HALL, Jeter dir-exp  
406 2008-Aug-22 09:20 Talk KM3NET (km3-scale neutrino telescope)- potential for indirect dark matter detection (15'+5') Dr. COYLE, paschal indir-nu  
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