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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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(reg) Registration
(Welcome) Welcome and introduction
(cosmo) Dark energy / Dark matter / Cosmology / Overview
(gam) Indirect searches - gammas
(acc) Connections with accelerators
(poster) Poster session
(dir-exp) Direct detection - experiments
(theory) Theoretical models and related topics
(dir-pheno) Direct detection - phenomenology/theory
(Indir-pheno) Indirect searches - gammas, neutrinos, etc
(dm-struct) Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
(cha-cosm) Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
(multi-mess) Multi messenger searches and the galactic centre
(public) Public Lecture (in Swedish)
(dm-pheno) Dark matter phenomenology / theory
(neutrinos) Neutrino properties
(darkstars) Dark Stars
(par-a-back) Background studies and detector ideas for direct detection (joint with ILIAS meeting)
(indir-nu) Indirect searches - neutrinos
(photo) Conference Photo
(axion) Axions - theory and experiment
(sum) Summary - end of conference
--not specified--
() Direct detection - experiments
() Indirect searches - charged cosmic rays
() Indirect searches - gammas
() Indirect searches - neutrinos
() Multi messenger searches
() Dark energy / Cosmology
() Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
() Connections with accelerators
() Dark matter phenomenology / theory
() Axions - theory and experiment
() Neutrino properties
() Dark Stars
() Summary
() Poster session
() Parallel A: Background studies for direct detection
() Parallel B: Theoretical models and related topics
() ILIAS network
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Id downDate Type Title Presenter Session Track
448 2008-Aug-18 09:00 Talk Welcome and introduction Dr. EDSJö, Joakim Welcome  
452 2008-Aug-18 09:20 Talk Seeing Dark Energy (35'+5') Prof. RIESS, Adam cosmo  
450 2008-Aug-18 10:20 Talk A Cosmic Vision Beyond Einstein (35'+5') Prof. LINDER, Eric cosmo  
375 2008-Aug-18 11:00 Talk Search for dark matter annihilation signals from dwarf spheroidal galaxies with H.E.S.S. (15'+5') Mr. FARNIER, Christian gam  
401 2008-Aug-18 11:20 Talk Indirect Dark Matter Search with the MAGIC Telescope (20'+5') Dr. BILAND, Adrian gam  
500 2008-Aug-18 11:45 Talk Gamma-ray searches for dark matter with VERITAS and AGIS (20'+5') Prof. BUCKLEY, James gam  
407 2008-Aug-18 13:10 Talk Indirect Dark Matter searches in GLAST era (20'+5') Dr. COHEN-TANUGI, JOHANN gam  
419 2008-Aug-18 13:35 Talk A blueprint for detecting supersymmetric dark matter particles in the Galactic halo (20'+5') Prof. FRENK, Carlos gam  
423 2008-Aug-18 14:00 Talk Annihilation radiation predictions from N-body simulations (20'+5') Mr. VOGELSBERGER, Mark gam  
413 2008-Aug-18 14:25 Talk Dark Matter Annihilation in the light of EGRET, HEAT, WMAP, INTEGRAL and ROSAT (15'+5') GEBAUER, Iris gam  
372 2008-Aug-18 14:45 Talk Dark matter annihilation signals -- the importance of radiative corrections (15'+5') Dr. BRINGMANN, Torsten gam  
467 2008-Aug-18 15:25 Talk Mapping dark matter with galaxies, CMB and 21 cm tomography (35'+5') Prof. TEGMARK, Max cosmo  
469 2008-Aug-18 16:05 Talk R-parity conserving SUSY searches in ATLAS (25'+5') Dr. GJELSTEN, Børge Kile acc  
376 2008-Aug-18 16:35 Talk Measurement of Dark Matter Content at the LHC (15'+5') Dr. DUTTA, Bhaskar Duta acc  
397 2008-Aug-18 16:55 Talk Combining accelerators with Dark Matter Direct Detection (15'+5') Mr. FORNASA, Mattia acc  
403 2008-Aug-18 17:15 Talk Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter: Direct Detection vis-a-vis LHC (15'+5') Mr. ARRENBERG, Sebastian acc  
490 2008-Aug-18 18:00 Poster 7Li solar axions: preliminary results and feasibility studies Dr. CERULLI, Riccardo poster  
493 2008-Aug-18 18:00 Poster MICROMEGAS for Rare Event Searches Dr. DAFNI, Theopisti poster  
429 2008-Aug-18 18:00 Poster The OSER project Dr. MONIEZ, marc poster  
442 2008-Aug-18 18:00 Poster Nuclear scattering of dark matter with an excited state Ms. SLATYER, Tracy poster  
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