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New Trends in Radiation Hydrodynamics
9-11 May 2007 Nordita (Stockholm)
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0 2007-May-09 09:00   Robert F. Stein (Michigan): Realistic Solar Convection Simulations      
1 2007-May-09 09:40   Remo Collet (Munich): 3D hydrodynamical simulations of surface convection in red giant stars: impact on spectral line formation      
2 2007-May-09 10:00   Oleg Kochukhov (Uppsala): 3-D hydrodynamic simulations of convection in A stars      
3 2007-May-09 11:40   Vincent Icke (Leiden): In Praise of Unstructured Grids      
4     Hans Ludwig (Meudon): Radiation-hydrodynamical model atmospheres across the HR diagram      
5 2007-May-09 14:00   Sven Wedemeyer-Boehm (Oslo): Small-scale structure and dynamics of the solar chromosphere      
6 2007-May-09 14:40   Jorrit Leenaarts (Utrecht): Non-equilibrium hydrogen ionisation in the solar atmosphere      
7 2007-May-09 15:00   Christiane Helling (St Andrews): The challenge of substellar cloud formation modelling      
8 2007-May-09 16:40   Rashid Sunyaev (MPI Munich/Garching): The sky in hard X-Rays      
9 2007-May-09 16:10   Susanne Höfner (Uppsala): Cool giants: clouds, wind and sunshine      
10 2007-May-09 17:20   Discussion      
11 2007-May-10 09:00   Juergen Steinacker (Heidelberg): 3D Continuum Radiative Transfer applied to (M)HD problems      
12 2007-May-10 10:50   Marek Abramowicz (Göteborg): High frequency oscillations of black hole accretion disks      
13 2007-May-10 09:30   Mika Juvela (Helsinki): Radiation transfer in molecular clouds      
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17 2007-May-10 14:00   Edward A. Spiegel (Columbia Univ): Phenomenology of Vortices and Bubbles in Hot Stars and Disks      
18 2007-May-10 11:50   Omer Blaes (Santa Barbara): Radiation MHD Simulations of the Vertical Structure of Accretion Disks      
19 2007-May-10 11:20   Juri Poutanen (Oulu): Super-Eddington accretion with winds and ultraluminous X-ray sources      
20 2007-May-10 15:15   Mitchell C. Begelman (Boulder) - Black Holes, Feedback, and Structure Formation in the Universe [AlbaNova Colloquium]      
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