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Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2015
Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2015
11-14 August 2015 AlbaNova
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(no code) GRMHD
(no code) Hardware & Software
(no code) AMR
(no code) Various
(no code) New developments for the Einstein Toolkit
(no code) Lightning talks (speakers register on the spot, 5+5 each)
(no code) Open discussion on building a European ET network (including an ET School and Workshop in Europe for 2016)
(no code) Open discussion on building an European ET network
--not specified--
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250 2015-Aug-11 13:30   Registration and Welcome      
251 2015-Aug-11 14:00   Tutorial: introduction to the Einstein Toolkit KOROBKIN, Oleg
253 2015-Aug-12 09:00   New frameworks for equation of state and postprocessing KASTAUN, Wolfgang no code  
254 2015-Aug-12 09:40   The WhiskyTHC code RADICE, David no code  
255 2015-Aug-12 10:20   Overview of the IllinoisGRMHD code (*) ETIENNE, Zachariah no code  
256 2015-Aug-12 11:30   Overview of Chemora: high-level framework for hierarchical code generation and optimization BRANDT, Steven R. no code  
257 2015-Aug-12 12:00   Discussion   no code  
258 2015-Aug-12 13:30   Solving punctured multi black hole initial data with finite element method (*) CAO, Zhoujian no code  
259 2015-Aug-12 14:10   High Order Mesh Refinement for Dynamical Space Times MONGWANE, Bishop no code  
260 2015-Aug-12 14:50   GRChombo: automatic mesh refinement for numerical relativity TUNYASUVUNAKOOL, Saran no code  
261 2015-Aug-12 16:00   Visualizing Einstein Toolkit Data with yt (*) MILLER, Jonah no code  
262 2015-Aug-12 16:40   New McLachlan code DIENER, Peter no code  
263 2015-Aug-12 17:20   Plans for fine-grained multi-threading in Cactus to improve efficiency and scalability (*) SCHNETTER, Erik no code  
264 2015-Aug-14 14:00   Hands-on session on Chemora, a code generation and optimization framework BRANDT, Steven    
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