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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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Superheavy neutralinos as dark matter particles (15'+5')
We propose the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) as a well-suited 
candidate for superheavy dark matter. The mass $m_\chi$ of the LSP should
be above $3\times 10^{11}\,{\rm GeV}$, so that gravitational interactions 
at the end of inflation can produce it with the correct abundance,
$\Omega_\chi h^2 \sim 0.1$. Weak interactions remain perturbative despite 
the large mass hierarchy, $m_\chi\gg m_Z$, because of the special decoupling 
properties of supersymmetry. As a result the model is predictive and we 
discuss elastic scattering of neutralinos on light fermions, 
self-scatterings and briefly annihilations within this scheme.
Id: 435
Place: AlbaNova
Room: FB42
Starting date:
19-Aug-2008   09:10
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: Talk
Primary Authors: KACHELRIESS, Michael (NTNU)
Presenters: SOLBERG, Marius
Material: slide Slides
Included in session: Theoretical models and related topics
Included in track: Parallel B: Theoretical models and related topics

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