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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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Coordinated multi-wavelength observations of the Dark Mass at the Center of the Milky Way (15'+5')
The compact source SgrA* that can be associated with the massive
black hole at the center of the Milky Way shows a strong variability
from the radio to the X-ray wavelength domain.
Here report on the latest (May 2008, May 2007 and the years before)
simultaneous NIR/sub-millimeter/X-ray
observations using the NACO adaptive optics (AO) instrument at the
European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope,
the Australian Telescope Compact Array, the US mm-array CARMA
and other telescopes.We interpret the results
using a model in which spots in an accretion disk are on
relativistic orbits around SgrA*.
We discuss the energy release from the X-rays to the radio domain
in the framework of adiabatically expanding source components
and  consider the possibility of a jet or outflow from such a
central accretion disk.
Id: 409
Place: AlbaNova
Room: Oskar Klein auditorium
Starting date:
20-Aug-2008   18:15
Duration: 20'
Contribution type: Talk
Primary Authors: Prof. ECKART, Andreas (Universtity of Cologne, I. Physikalisches Institut)
Presenters: Prof. ECKART, Andreas
Material: slide Slides
Included in session: Multi messenger searches and the galactic centre
Included in track: Multi messenger searches

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