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IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
IDM2008 - Identification of Dark Matter 2008
18-22 August 2008 AlbaNova
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Via Lactea II - A high-resolution view of galactic dark matter substructure (25'+5')
It is a clear unique prediction of the cold dark matter
paradigm of cosmological structure formation that galaxies form
hierarchically and are embedded in massive, extended dark halos
teeming with self-bound substructure or "subhalos". The amount and
spatial distribution of subhalos around their host provide unique
information and clues on the galaxy assembly process and the nature of
the dark matter. I will present results from "Via Lactea II", the most
recent in a series of high resolution numerical simulations of
Galactic CDM substructure, with a particular focus on the possibility
of GLAST detecting gamma-rays from DM annihilations in the centers of
Id: 402
Place: AlbaNova
Room: Oskar Klein auditorium
Starting date:
20-Aug-2008   11:00
Duration: 30'
Contribution type: Talk
Primary Authors: Dr. KUHLEN, Michael (Institute for Advanced Study)
Presenters: Dr. KUHLEN, Michael
Material: slide Slides
Included in session: Dark matter cosmology / structure formation
Included in track: Dark matter cosmology / structure formation

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